INGREDIENTS: Broad Spectrum Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil high in CBD, Vitamin D (Vegan, Non-GMO), Vitamin E (Vegan, Non-GMO), Vitamin K (Vegan, Non-GMO), Cosmoperine.

Natural Oils: Organic Vegan Squalane (derived from Sugarcane), Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Grape Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Organic Tamanu Oil, Organic Evening Primrose Seed Oil, Cold Pressed Cucumber Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil.

Botanical Extracts:Rosemary Oleoresin, Calendula Flower,

Added Ingredients: Teprenone (3%), Collageneer (2%).

Facial Serum

  • A botanical blend of all things skin. Apply a few drops and massage on clean, dry skin if using alone or add as a vital step to your skincare routine. Useful during morning and night skincare regimen