Broad Spectrum vs Full Spectrum vs CBD Isolate & The Entourage Effect

Broad Spectrum CBD contains cannabidiol and all other compounds within the Cannabis plant except for THC, which is completely removed after the initial extraction. Because Broad Spectrum extracts contain multiple cannabinoids, they also produce the entourage effect.


ull Spectrum CBD products contain a full range of cannabinoids. When cannabinoids are extracted from hemp, the entire extract is made into a consumable product, meaning that you are getting a dose of all the cannabinoids that were in the plant.

CBD Isolate is the purest form of the compound, made by extracting it from its natural environment and removing it from all other ingredients. Isolate contains noting except pure isolated CBD. In other words, there are no other cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids. Just CBD.

The Entourage Effect occurs when CBD is ingested with other compounds from the cannabis plant, rather than in isolation. The theory is that by using the whole plant rather than a singular aspect, there's a boost in the health benefits and overall therapeutic effectof cannabinoids.

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